Fiduciary Challenges - Brentwood401k Advisory
Brentwood 401(k), LLC is a registered investment adviser owned by Mark Zorko. At Brentwood, our primary objective is to serve as a 401(k) plan advisor for businesses who need independent and objective support to meet their fiduciary obligations.
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Fiduciary Challenges

The New Reality


Litigation Against 401(k) Plan Sponsors  


Increasing Fiduciary Awareness

Companies, with their advisors and service providers, need to act in the best interest of employees and their 401(k) assets.


It’s that Simple


Excessive fees, conflicts of interest and poor fund performance

are the crux of the problem.


Recent Legal Actions…


Why Companies Change Plan Advisors…

  • 34% of companies less than satisfied/not satisfied with current advisor
  • 23% of companies are actively looking for a new sponsor…an increasing trend
  • 69% of companies want their advisor to take a formal fiduciary role
  • 71% of plan advisors don’t demonstrate how they’ve provided good value
  • 88% of companies have employees delaying retirement due to lack of savings


Mid sized companies need a seasoned conflict-free advisor to guide their 401(k) plan Investment Committee actions

Pick a firm that will do the job the way you would do it yourself…

if only you had the time

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