Our Services - Brentwood401k Advisory
Brentwood 401(k), LLC is a registered investment adviser owned by Mark Zorko. At Brentwood, our primary objective is to serve as a 401(k) plan advisor for businesses who need independent and objective support to meet their fiduciary obligations.
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Our Services

Plan Investment Committee Coaching

Brentwood approaches its plan advisor role with an insider’s perspective. We understand the company’s Investment Committee executives all have demanding day jobs in addition to their fiduciary role with plan sponsorship. We work with the Committee to establish the annual calendar of events and meet with them 3-4 times per year to coach them through the plan oversight process.

Planning & Execution

Brentwood brings a CFO’s perspective to integrating the 401(k) plan calendar and checklist of responsibilities with the company’s corporate calendar. We touch base with employees administering the plan and service providers prior to Investment Committee meetings to summarize how we are doing against the plan.

Employee Education & Coaching

We have the tools to offer on-site, remote and self-service training to employees for retirement planning and fund selection. It’s been our experience that providing employees with a well-crafted plan and quality educational services is a competitive advantage…and the right thing to do.



Company boards and CEO’s have a vested interest in knowing their 401(k) plan has adequate oversight and is in capable hands. Brentwood provides the Investment Committee with a dashboard of “vital signs” to review a variety of performance metrics and progress against plan oversight duties. The dashboard is at the right level of detail for distribution to a company’s Board and CEO for them to discharge their oversight responsibilities.