Relationships - Brentwood401k Advisory
Brentwood 401(k), LLC is a registered investment adviser owned by Mark Zorko. At Brentwood, our primary objective is to serve as a 401(k) plan advisor for businesses who need independent and objective support to meet their fiduciary obligations.
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Efficient Advisors, LLC

Efficient Advisors (EA) was founded in 2009 to support advisors seeking to offer their clients the prudence of passive, structured investing based on academic discipline. EA delivers their prudent investment solutions by partnering with over 100 financial advisors nationwide. Their investment philosophy and commitment to high-touch client service allows them to support investors across the country and to manage over $1 billion in assets.


EA’s mission is straightforward: utilize the power of academic research as a guiding principle in engineering low-cost, globally diversified portfolios that are designed to capture market rates of return. Then, work closely with financial advisors by providing ongoing education and support as they implement these strategies with their clients.


EA accepts full ERISA Section 3(38) responsibility, providing company executives with an unqualified, unambiguous service provider who accepts responsibility to stand behind their conflict-free commitment to a company’s plan.

Professional Capital Services

PCS was founded in 2001 by tax and ERISA attorneys who saw the need for a conflict-free, full fee disclosure retirement solution with no hidden agenda. In short, a true fiduciary-friendly platform. From day one PCS had a vision of complete transparency long before it was mandated or required.


With PCS, advisors are equipped to offer their clients top-tier retirement plan services, industry leading fiduciary tools and support, and award winning customer service.  Couple this with an open architecture platform offering access to over 20,000 mutual funds and ETFs in a low-cost solution, and you have the platform advisors are hailing as the Next Generation Retirement ProgramTM – fiduciary-friendly, easy to use and easy to manage. In short, just what advisors are looking for.

Mr. Zorko is considered to have a solicitor relationship with EA, and receives compensation from EA in the form of a percentage of assets under management by EA for clients that Mr. Zorko or Brentwood refer to EA.